Blogging Guidelines

  1. Blog spaces are classroom spaces. All the rules for appropriate, respectful behavior and work apply.
  2. Your blog is public and, for the most part, permanent. Whatever you post should be thoughtful and responsible and free of errors. It should be final draft writing, not spontaneous comments or texting. Remember: anything posted on the Internet will always stay on the Internet FOREVER.
  3. NEVER EVER post your last nameaddress or phone number. Never post any other personal or private information that you wouldn’t want EVERYONE to know. (See #2). The same goes for other people’s information, too. (We will use only FIRST NAME + LAST INITIAL in our posts)
  4. Stick to ideasnot gossip. Never write about other people without their permission.
  5. Stick to the facts. Include links to your sources so that readers can explore further if they want. DON’T link to sites that are inappropriate for school (see rule #1).
  6. Read the entire post and all the related comments BEFORE you comment on someone else’s blog post – your comments should build on previous comments, not repeat what has already been said.
  7. Avoid plagiarism. All your work should be your own, not someone else’s that you’ve put your name on.
  8. Use copyrighted material only with permission or under fair use laws. Just because you found it on the Internet doesn’t mean you have the right to use it.
  9. Any doubts? ASK!


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